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Don’t want to use dodgy auction sites or risky face to face selling? We take the hassle out of selling your instrument. We’re reliable!


Customer Service

We provide the highest level of personal customer service to ensure that you get the best value for your instrument in the most transparent way possible. It’s easy!


For you. A fully secure and insured service to sell your instrument with money payable directly to your bank account within 7 days. It’s fast!

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Our Current Stock

  • Faith FM Mercury Parlour Natural Series with Seymour Duncan SA3SC Pickup
  • Gibson 1967 SG Melody Maker in Cardinal Red Finish
  • Fender 1976 USA Stratocaster in Black with Maple Neck
  • Epiphone 1953 Zephyr in Blonde Finish
  • Gibson Luther Dickinson Ltd Edition ES335 2013 Semi-Acoustic
  • Taylor LK-SM12 Leo Kottke Signature 12-String 1996
  • Charvel San Dimas Custom Shop P90
  • Washburn WI24/MGY Idol Series in Metallic Grey
  • Musicman 1979 Sabre II in Black Finish
  • Eastwood Messenger in Cherry Finish
  • Gibson Brendan Small Snow Falcon Flying V
  • Gibson 1979 ES-335TD in Walnut Finish.
  • Martin OM-1 Orchestra Model Acoustic Guitar
  • Gibson Les Paul Standard 2003 in Ebony Finish
  • Hofner President Brunette 1965 Model
  • Fender USA 2008 HSS Stratocaster in Sunburst / Maple Neck
  • Gibson R9 1959 Aged Re-Issue Les Paul 2011 Model
  • Reverend Avenger AV Electric Guitar USA Model
  • Rickenbacker 4003 Fireglo 2012 Model
  • Schecter S1-Elite Diamond Series in Tobacco Burst Finish
  • Gibson L-00 2006 in Natural Finish
  • Fender Classic Series 60's Stratocaster Laquer 2013 Sunburst Finish
  • Fender 1978 Telecaster Custom RARE Brown Finish including Tweed Case
  • Gretsch White Falcon Bass including Hardcase
  • Epiphone 1967 E230TD Casino in Rare Cherry Finish including Hard Case
  • Jose Ramirez SP Spruce 2011 Classical Guitar
  • Fender American 2009 Highway One Jazz Bass in Black
  • Yamaha LL16L Handcrafted Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar
  • Fender USA Telecaster 2000 Model in Lake Placid Blue with Maple Neck
  • Blasius Custom Made Piros Style Electric in Natural Finish
  • Gibson 2003 ES-335 DOT LH/WR Left-Handed Wine Red Semi-Acoustic
  • Gretsch Chet Atkins 6120 Nashville Model Hollow Body Late 60's
  • ESP LTD KH-602 Kirk Hammett Signature Series
  • Carvin Custom Made USA Thru Neck 'Superstrat' Cherryburst
  • Gretsch G6119T Tennessee Rose Bigsby Deep Cherry Stain
  • Ibanez 2399DX Gibson L5S Copy in Cherry Burst Finish
  • Hagstrom Deuce in Desert Haze Finish
  • Patrick Eggle PJE Saluda Baritone
  • Epiphone EJ-200 Jumbo Acoustic in Black
  • Gibson 1993 SG Special in Red Finish
  • Rickenbacker 330 1996 Fireglo Finish
  • Fender 1988 Japanese Strat in Black Finish with a Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Squier Standard Strat in Red Finish Modded with Dual Humbuckers
  • Guild B4-E-NT Made in USA Early 90's Electro-Acoustic Bass
  • Hofner 1964 Senator Blonde
  • Gibson 1964 ES-125 in Sunburst including Hard Case
  • Tanglewood TW1000 All Solid Dreadnought Acoustic
  • Taylor K16CE Koa 2008 Model Electro-Acoustic
  • Gibson Custom CH LPR-8 LF 1958 Re-Issue Chambered Les Paul VOS
  • Musicman 1980 Sabre I in Natural Finish
  • Schecter Stiletto Extreme-4 in Honey Orange
  • Fender Custom Shop 1960 Relic Stratocaster in White
  • Gibson 1974 Les Paul Custom (Modded) in Ebony Finish
  • Rickenbacker 4003 Jetglo 2011 Model
  • Fender 70s Classic Jazz Bass in Black
  • Ibanez 2372 Les Paul Recording Model 1970's Lawsuit Era
  • Godin Summit CT Electric in Natural Finish

What else do we provide?


We inspect and evaluate your instrument to ensure you attain the best possible market value. We’re experienced!


In the interest of your instrument playing and looking its best, and with your agreement, ¬†we setup and re-string your guitar. You only pay the (discounted) service bill when your instrument sells. It’s affordable!

Peace of Mind

From the moment your guitar is with us until it sells your instrument is fully insured. You know it’s in safe hands until it sells. We’re dependable!

How it works

  • We evaluate your guitar
  • We agree the amount you want to sell your guitar for
  • We take care of any service issues
  • We sell your guitar
  • You get the cash
  • No surprises
  • No hassle

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