How it works

Why we set up

You want to sell your valued guitar but you don’t want to use eBay or gumtree because of the fees, risks of scam merchants, flaky buyers, strangers visiting your house to haggle with you and the added hassle of packaging and shipping your instrument! We seen so many people in this position so here we are now with ‘’ a transparent service designed to take the hassle out of selling because we do all the work for you!

We offer you a solution where we’ll achieve the maximum possible monetary return for you with absolutely zero risk.

How it works

You send us the details of your instrument via our site or pop into the shop at CC Music, 33 Otago Street, Kelvinbridge, G12 8JJ and we’ll appraise your instrument to ascertain its market value.
We have a chat with you and discuss what you’re hoping to realise from the sale of your guitar.
Upon appearance we can then thoroughly check the instrument over to determine its condition and playability. By checking for any faults or problems which might adversely affect its resale value, we can remedy these before we put it on sale.
Should your instrument require any work carried out in order to make it fit for resale then the work will be carried out to the highest standard by our in house technicians.
This work can be agreed and purchased in advance via our workshop located within the store.

We will agree the work required and the cost of the work with you in advance. Usually we can determine this on the spot. We will not carry out any work if not agreed with you or authorised by you.
We then book your instrument into our database and generate a description of the instrument. You can advise us of any relevant points you’d like to describe.

Selling price

Once agreed by both parties we will display the instrument on our wall and feature it on our Website and facebook free of charge at the agreed selling price.

Our commission fees (VAT included) deducted from the total sale price achieved are Flat Rate 20%


You own a Fender Stratocaster USA that we agree we can sell and realise £800 for you.

– Cost on wall/WSYG website £1050
– WSYG Commission (Inc VAT at 20%) £210
– Total Charges £210
– Cash to you upon sale £840
(excluding any initial set up, repair or string charges)


In full within 7 days by either cash or bank transfer

We will take full responsibility for the safe keeping of your instrument. Whilst on our secure, alarmed premises your instrument is covered by our comprehensive insurance policy.
The seller retains title of goods at all times until sold.
You are free to remove the item at anytime subject to published conditions. (see above)

We require that you sign a form giving us a mandate to sell the instrument on your behalf and agreeing to our transparent terms and conditions.